There’s an app for almost everything these days, but this one is particularly special and aims to address one of Queensland’s most distressing and serious issues.

The State Government has teamed up with the Griffith University ‘MATE’ Bystander program and Telstra to develop the ‘Be there’ app to address Domestic and Family Violence (DFV).

‘MATE’ is a program set up by Griffith University which delivers person-to-person training, online webinars and other courses to empower people to help friends and family in DFV situations.

This new app is another way to reach out to Queenslanders and provide them the knowledge and training they need to recognise DFV and address the issue.


“The community has been coming out in force, at rallies and vigils, declaring ‘enough is enough’. – Minister for Women and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Shannon Fentiman.

“This app will be aimed at these very people who are determined that they won’t let this happen to their friends, family and loved ones,”

“We’re trying to make it easier for Queenslanders to identify what DFV is and be able to respond earlier and appropriately to what can usually be a complex and difficult situation.”

The app will provide information, refer users to resources and services and guide them in taking simple and appropriate measures to support their friend or family member in need.

“Because we know life gets in the way, for even the most motivated friend, the app will nudge the user with suggested simple and safe actions they could take and help guide the conversation they might have.”

The ‘Be there’ app is now available in Apple and Android stores.

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