It’s one of the most basic services a Council can offer – mowing.

But this year it seems Brisbane’s parks, median strips and kerbsides are being left to grow out of control.

The evidence is not only in the photos, but also in the number of complaints made to the LNP-run Brisbane City Council.

Over the last 3 months, 3,843 complaints have been lodged for overgrown grass.

That almost three times the number of complaints for the same time last year with just 1,330 recorded.

But residents are not only upset with the neglected grass, they are “appalled” by the mess Council’s mowing contractors leave behind.

Council Opposition Leader Jared Cassidy says the LNP Mayor’s lack of care for Brisbane’s suburbs is “simply unacceptable” and that “more of this basic work should be done in-house”.

“Residents’ rates bills are going up by the quarter but they are getting less and less services in return under Adrian Schrinner,” Cr Cassidy said.

“Under the LNP we see more and more of this ongoing, fundamental Council work being contracted out.

“Contracting out makes the entire process more time consuming and costly for residents.

“It also means Council loses control of the quality of service and promotes insecure employment for Brisbane workers.”

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