Norman Park residents say they found out the Lord Mayor and Transport Chair were permanently terminating their ferry service via a letter.

That note was received months after the ferry stop was actually shut and all wooden monohulls were ripped off the water.

The LNP Council’s reasoning; patronage figures were too low and the ferry terminal is too old and will soon fail to meet updated accessibility requirements.

Despite calls to upgrade the terminal and better promote the service to boost commuter numbers, the decision was made to cancel the Norman Park cross-river ferry service altogether.

The move is not floating the boats of locals, they are furious they weren’t consulted before the service was canceled.

Norman Park locals take their fight to city hall

“I think Council has been negligent in meeting its commitments to the provision of public transport services and accessibility for all,” local resident Kristie Clark said.

“The rates paid by property owners in Norman Park are extraordinary and the premium on rates paid by property owners in this suburb support the provision of services such as the ferry, despite the fact that public transport services provision is a right for all Brisbane residents.”

Kristie and more than a dozen other Norman Park residents went into City Hall to hear the transport committee debate their petition.

It received over 900 signatures, calling for the reinstatement of the Norman Park ferry service.

To their dismay, the LNP’s Transport Chair voted down the petition sighting issues of low patronage and expensive upgrade costs.

Residents left shaking their heads.

Labor Councillor, Opposition Leader and Shadow Chair of the Transport Committee, Jared Cassidy spoke in Chamber about the petition, expressing his disappointment at the response from the administration.

“What has happened to the ferry fleet and ferry terminals through the LNP’s neglect in this city is wrong,” Councillor Cassidy said.

“The cutting of public transport services by the LNP is wrong.”

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