Brisbane has a lot of KFC’s, but which is the best?

Technically they should all be the same, but according to fried chicken connoisseurs, they differ greatly.

So I’ve done a bit of research to find the best of what many of us will inevitably turn to on Sunday morning for that greasy hangover cure.

I assume most of us who frequent delivery apps know what makes good KFC.

Done right – an experience of savoury deliciousness.

Done badly – something cold and disappointing we will begrudgingly consume due to hunger and the money we spent on it.

To save you the effort, I’ve selected the best rated KFCs around based on word of mouth and reviews.

I’m going to start with the Morningside store.

KFC Morningside

My partner used to live down the road from it and it was pretty satisfying most of the time: fresh chips, well-seasoned, good potato/oil balance.

And the chicken: not too messy, good chicken-to-crunchy batter ratio.

Well-seasoned. I’d rate it 4/5 stars. Google has it rated 3.1/5 with 769 reviews.

Next is Greenslopes.

KFC Greenslopes

I’ve never eaten there, but Google has it rated 3.4/5 with 820 reviews. Based on that, it sounds at least worthy of a sample.

One comment, however, calls for a “Royal Commission into KFC’s plummeting standards”.

I did not make that up.

Of the 154 stores across QLD, I assume Brisbane has a good chunk of them.

We need your help to build this database. Let us know your favourite or least favourite KFC restaurant!

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