The Archerfield speedway has been an iconic part of Brisbane for around 60 years.

The Old Archerfield Speedway (Source – Speedway and Road Race History; Photo – Tony Woods)

In 1979 the old track was ripped up and revitalised.

More recently a drift park was also constructed next to the speedway and it too has become a huge hit with the motorsports community.

The Archerfield Speedway (left) and Drift Park (right) 2020. (Source: Google Maps)

But this year, after noise complaints, the drift track has come under threat.

Brisbane City Council is looking to shut it down.

The manager of Archerfield Drift Park, Luke Fink, has taken to YouTube to voice his concerns and disappointment.

Luke Fink, Manager of the Archerfield Drift Park, on YouTube.

“I’m pretty upset right now, this will dramatically affect my life, this is how I make my living,” Mr Fink said.

“If they do shut it down then I could potentially try for a permit, but it’s very unlikely that a permit would be allowed.”

A petition has been started on to save the Drift Park and it’s already received more than 13,000 signatures.

Petition to Save Archerfield Drift Park

“I’m signing this because we need Archerfield Drift Park. Not only does the track keep hundreds, if not thousands, off the street, it helps so many of us escape our day to day life,” one petitioner wrote.

“Archy drift park has taught me so much. Part of the community, giving young people a space to have fun and enjoy a hobby in a safe way,” another commented.


  1. Archerfield drift park is the only place open 2-3 times a week to allow us to drift legally and safely. Why shut it down when the government and council want to get “hoons” as they put it off the street.
    Closing this isn’t the smartest or safest idea for Brisbane as now more people will be pushed back to the streets sadly

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