Traditionally our culture has taught boys to ‘act tough’, not cry and not speak up about how they’re feeling.

And the statistics show just how devastating those social construct have been, with three times as many males committing suicide in Australia than females.

But our ideologies are shifting and more males are being taught how to address mental health.

Bec Idiens is one woman leading the charge in that space in Brisbane.

Founder of Lemonade Kids, Bec Idiens

Ms Idiens runs Lemonade Kids at Morningside, a program that teaches mindfulness and mental resilience to young boys and girls.

Previously she’s only run ‘Standing Strong’ workshops for girls, but has recently launched a course for boys too.

“Through our programs girls and boys learn how to improve their confidence and self-esteem, build inner-strength and self-belief, grow friendships, improve their health and body-image, manage stress and gain the tools essential for living happy, healthy and inspired lives.” Ms Idiens said.

The full-day workshops run during the school holidays and afternoon classes are also available during school terms.

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