The humble baguette has a long history – while its creator is unknown, it’s unmistakably French.

First recorded as ‘a bread’ in 1920, the stick-shaped wheat treats have been common in France since the 18th century.

While the origins of this loaf are not clear, what it went on to symbolise in post-colonial Vietnam, is simply divine.

Sometime after 1954, with the defeat of the French in Vietnam, the humble baguette became less French and fancy and more utilitarian.

Before takeaway containers, Banh Mi’s became the ultimate ‘food on the run’.

Bahn Mi from Mister Bui – Nundah

The 1970s saw millions of Vietnamese leave their homeland to start their lives over again.

And how better to make a living than sell what they make best.

Brisbane’s Banh Mi scene has grown tremendously over the years.

Today you can just about get a Bahn Mi in every suburb, making for healthy competition.

After all not many people can resist a crunchy bread roll filled with crispy pork or lemongrass chicken, mayo, pate, mince, pickled carrots and fresh cucumber, topped with chilli and coriander.

Whether you are in Brisbane’s CBD, downtown Inala, suburban Zillmere, trendy Milton or leafy Teneriffe – there’s a Banh Mi to be eaten.

Where is your favourite Bahn Mi spot?

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In a month, the shop with the most mentions will be crowned Brisbane’s Bahn Mi champion.

To get the Bahn Mi juices flowing – here’s a shortlist of some of the best:

Eat Mii – West End: Chicken, Beef or Pork, the Banh Mi is flaky and soft every day of the week!

Eat Mii Cafe & Bar – West End.

Little Hoi An – The Gap: This suburban Banh Mi oasis has more types of meat than you can poke a stick at – including the famous Vietnamese pork meatballs!

Banh Mi Factory – Zillmere: This Northside institution is fairly new but has built an impressive following offering all things Vietnamese and delicious donuts.

Bahn Mi Factory – Zilmere.

Mister Bui – Nundah: Whether you’re chasing a traditional lunch or a Vietnamese breakfast special, Mr Bui has just about every combination covered.

Minh Tan – Inala: The budget-conscious yet delicious lunch spot where you can get a traditional Banh Mi or amp it up with extras!

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