Coming up is World Beard Day!

The tradition, rumoured to have Viking origins, seems to have been around for centuries (800 AD).

According to a WordPress page in its honour, suggested ways to celebrate include doing just about anything masculine with other people who have beards.

Make a fire, cook meat, change a tyre (it has to be flattened first); build a human pyramid (the record is apparently 22 people).

Also suggested are games, all of which have a team of hairy men versing beardless men.

The refs/umpires are also bearded and rig the game in favour of the bearded.

So go fourth on the 4th and celebrate beards! Only if you have one.

Listen to The Beards, do manly things.

Cuttings of body hair attached to your face do not count.

If you’d like to know more, head here – WORLD BEARD DAY.

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