“Live life, love life and laugh.”

That’s always been Peebo and Dagwood’s motto.

The twin brothers and clowning duo, David and Peter Bissell, were born with Cystic Fibrosis and not expected to live past childhood, but they defied the odds.

Peter and David Bissell (Source: Facebook)

Both received double lung transplants and went on to spread joy and cheer to thousands of children and adults as clowns, after perfecting their skills in hospital.

They performed together for decades.

In 2020, Peebo passed away while battling liver cancer.

To honour his memory and the twins’ legacy, David (Dagwood) Bissell has been talking with his local councillor Jared Cassidy.

They came up with the idea of naming a new playground on the Sandgate foreshore, ‘Peebo and Dagwood Place’.

They took the idea to Council, launching a petition that received over 2,200 signatures.

And now that dream is a reality.

On Saturday the 4th of September, Peebo and Dagwood Place will be officially opened.

Peebo and Dagwood Place Playground in Sandgate

“Naming a playground after the iconic clown duo is very fitting, when kids play they are filled with joy, life and laughter and that’s exactly what Peebo and Dagwood brought to the community,” Cr Cassidy said.

David (Dagwood) Bissell said he was ‘honoured’.

“It’s amazing to think that we have a little place to remember our work and what we brought to the community,” David said.

“When Peebo was alive, we often used to talk about how people are going to remember you for something when you’re not here, your legacy, and for us our legacy is Peebo and Dagwood and bringing joy and laughter into people’s lives.”

Peebo and Dagwood (Source: Facebook)

CLICK HERE to see the opening event.

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