Parents and families should be on high alert in Brisbane City Council parks and playgrounds for broken and dangerous equipment across the city.

Brisbane Now has obtained a list of 363 parks where there are over 589 instances of broken or faulty park equipment as of June 2023.

Councillor for Morningside Ward Lucy Collier took us to Bulimba Memorial Park to see the broken equipment there.

“It’s really sad for children and families to come to their beloved local park and see equipment fenced off and out of action.”

“When a broken playground is reported to Council, it should be repaired straight away.”

“What we have now is jobs sitting on a list for weeks and weeks. It’s not good enough” Councillor Collier said.

It would be a priority for a Labor Administration in Council to ensure the data on broken, dangerous and closed playgrounds and parks was published online and in real time.

Labor Lord Mayoral candidate Tracey Price and Councillor for Morningside Ward Lucy Collier at Bulimba Memorial Park

Tracey Price who is running as Labor’s Lord Mayoral candidate joined Councillor Collier in Bulimba recently.

“This is about the LNP’s lack of investment in our suburbs.”

“The Lord Mayor is entirely focused on his $141 million Victoria Park project and suburban parks are missing out.”

“This hands-off approach to the safety of Brisbane’s kids and families is disappointing, and I commit to changing that if elected Lord Mayor next year” Ms Price explained.

This year’s Council budget only funds maintenance for 12 suburban parks and 8 new playgrounds.

Brisbane Now will continue to monitor the progress of these outstanding maintenance and repair jobs over the coming months.

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