Blast from the Past!

If you’ve ever seen one of those bicycles – with a huge front wheel and tiny rear wheel – and wanted to build or ride one, don’t stop reading!

Arguably the biggest fad of the 1860s, the Penny-farthing bicycle-building class is being offered at Tafe Queensland.

Join mechanic Brett Richardson as he takes you on a full-time, two week course on how to make your own piece of history largely from scratch.

Whether you’re a teenager making questionable life choices, or retired and interested in some basic, hands-on engineering, this short course looks interesting and will undoubtedly leave you with a souvenir from your labour.

If you feel like taking your Penny-farthing passion further, get your friends together and go join in the annual Australian Championship held in Tasmania!

Annual Penny-farthing race held in Tasmania (

If you’re feeling uneasy about the riding part (not taught in the course), don’t worry, Brett has some words of wisdom for you:

“Once you’re up there it’s just like riding a conventional bike – it’s just that you’re much higher off the ground,” Mr Richardson said.

By the way, it’s named Penny-farthing after two old British coins – penny for the front wheel and farthing for the rear wheel.

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