Brisbane City Council trialled a Festive Footpaths program, where residents were allowed to decorate street trees and vegetation with lights and other ornaments over the holiday periods.

The take up was big with neighbourhood footpaths coming alive with an array of colours to celebrate both Halloween and Christmas last year.

But many residents have left the decorations up and now council is sending letters to them, ordering the displays be taken down.

The letters read:

Footpath decorations are only to be displayed during the nominated festive periods.

If you have decorated a street tree, Council kindly requests that these objects are removed.

Objects remaining on the tree may impact upon the tree’s overall health and long-term presence within the community.

The letters have sparked debate – should residents be allowed to put decorations on street trees at all?

Many argue in favour of festive footpaths, saying it brings happiness and cheer to neighbourhoods right across Brisbane.

But more environmentally minded locals say trees should never be wrapped in lights or decorations.

For more information on the Festive Footpaths program CLICK HERE.


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