East Brisbane residents are fighting hard to stop a 7-Eleven service station from replacing a garden nursery and cafe.

Currently The Cottage Garden Nursery and The Smug Fig cafe call 999 Stanley Street home, but a Development Application wants to change that.

The Cottage Garden Nursery and Smug Fig cafe currently at 999 Stanley Street, East BrisbaneInside the Smug Fig Cafe 

The proposal is to demolish the nursery and cafe and build a 7-Eleven shop and fuel station there instead.

Artist impression of proposed development at 999 Stanley Street, East Brisbane (Source: Brisbane City Council)

But the Development Application has been met with fierce opposition from locals.

A petition was submitted to council objected the proposal for a number of reasons including increased traffic, flooding concerns, loss of parking and loss of the neighbourhood’s social fabric.

The petition reads: ‘Consideration of what is best for our neighbourhood and community should be paramount. We have been incredibly lucky to have a slow natural progression of a diverse range of small businesses, a strong café culture, restaurants, hotels, gym/fitness industries and professional services etc. along this stretch of Stanley Street East, which all contribute to the social fabric of the community. This should be preserved!’

The petition received nearly 400 signatures and has been presented to council.

Labor Opposition leader Jared Cassidy stood up in chamber to echo the concerns of East Brisbane residents.

“The local community is making it clear they don’t want the service station, no amount of further consultation is going to fix that or change that,” Cr Cassidy said.

“They want to keep the character of their neighbourhood,”

“They don’t want the LNP to go back to drawing board, they want this administration to throw the drawing board away.”


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