Summer or winter, it’s always BBQ season in Queensland.

Most Brisbane residents would have a BBQ at home, but if you’re heading to a park for a cook up, you might hit a snag.

BBQ’s have been disappearing out of many Brisbane parks.

In 2014 there were 410 wood fired BBQ’s across the river city, now there are reportedly just 92.

Deputy Opposition Leader Kara Cook has called the removal of these BBQ’s ‘outrageous’.

“The LNP are ripping out and not replacing barbecues in Brisbane, killing the great Aussie barbecue tradition,” Cr Cook said.

Fellow Labor councillor Charles Strunk thinks electric BBQ replacements are the way to go.

“Often you can’t even use wood fired BBQ’s because of fire bans and council should replace them with electric barbecues immediately,” Cr Strunk said.

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