Bus drivers, Rail Tram and Bus union members and Labor Opposition Councillors took to the streets of Brisbane City to protest Council’s treatment of employees, the casualisation of the workforce and manufacturing of buses overseas.

Just recently it was revealed that the LNP run Brisbane City Council ordered four electric buses from China instead of getting them made here in Brisbane.

It’s also understood all 60 buses for the upcoming Brisbane Metro will be built in Europe.

This is despite Volgren making buses for Brisbane City Council here in Brisbane for the last 30 years.

The Union wants the Brisbane City Council to stop sending jobs offshore and support local bus manufacturers instead.

RTBU Rally in Brisbane City

“What do we want? Aussie made buses! When do we want them? Now!” – RTBU rally chant.

Labor Opposition Councillors including Leader Jared Cassidy joined the RTBU rally.

“This current LNP administration clearly has no respect for local workers, their job security or working conditions,” Cr Cassidy said.

Labor Councillors Kara Cook, Jared Cassidy and Charles Strunk (left to right).

“If Labor was in charge, Council would be making sure drivers were protected and valued and every Brisbane bus would be locally made.”

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