Community support has been growing by the hour to keep the Archerfield Drift Park alive.

An online petition on has received tens of thousands of signatures.

Petition to save Archerfield Drift Park on

Brisbane City Council has threatened to shut it down because the drift track is built on a carpark.

But motoring enthusiasts say it’s been there for years and needs to stay.

“If this venue is closed, people will hoon on public roads. Give them places to enjoy drifting etc and crackdown on the ones doing it on the roads,” one petitioner wrote.

Local Moorooka Ward Councillor and member of the Labor Opposition team Steve Griffiths has written to the LNP Lord Mayor seeking answers.

“I have been speaking with Drift Park users and they are concerned that they will have nowhere local to go; that it will mean more hooning on our local streets; and that there will be numerous negative effects to people’s livelihoods both mentally and financially, with the potential closure of the Drift Park,’ Councillor Griffiths said.

“I have written to the LNP Lord Mayor seeking a briefing regarding this matter and rest assured I will advise when this briefing has been received.”

The local Labor Councillor also encouraged the community to voice their concerns.

“I would encourage you to contact the Lord Mayor to voice your concerns via email: or on 07 3403 4400.”

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