It’s been on Brisbane City Council’s to-do list for 17 years, but still the Brighton Foreshore remains in desperate need of an upgrade.

But the LNP, who have been in charge of Council since 2004, are yet to follow through on their commitment to the people of Sandgate and surrounds.

It’s not just locals who would benefit from the revitalisation, this stretch of foreshore is one of the most visited in Brisbane with tens of thousands flocking to the seaside region every year.

Brighton Foreshore is in need for repairs.

To put some more pressure on the current LNP Mayor and his administration, Labor opposition leader Jared Cassidy has started a petition.

“Sections of the popular path are narrow, dangerous and breaking apart,” the petition reads.

“In addition there is a distinct lack of seating and picnic facilities, and no toilets between the Sandgate Pool and Decker Park.

Brighton Foreshore is in need for repairs.

“As one of the best spots in Brisbane to access Moreton Bay this is an unacceptable lack of local infrastructure and we call on this LNP-run Council to honour their repeated commitments over the past two elections.”

To view or sign the petition head to the Brisbane City Council website.

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