In a world-first, Queensland police are implementing special technology to allow citizens to upload videos and photos as digital evidence.

The technology, developed by Axon Citizen, is design to collect evidence from the community by allowing people to send videos and photos directly to police.

It’s expected the service will mainly be used by motorists uploading dashcam footage of hoons and dangerous drivers.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said officers can then use those videos and photos as evidence to prosecute unlawful drivers.

“This new initiative is yet another example of why the Queensland Police Service is truly world class.

“I know that police will never let up taking strong action against hooning because even one hoon offence is one too many.

“The government is backing police with the laws, the technology and the resources they need to support community safety.”

Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus said the initiative is already having an impact.

“The on-line facility has only been operating for a matter of weeks and already the community has responded providing police with critical pieces of evidence.

“The support and cooperation of the community is very important to police work, and this upload capability provides another significant way in which members of the public can assist police.”

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