Kerbside Collection is back!

When the Brisbane Lord Mayor cut it last year, residents and the Labor Opposition in Council were furious.

They launched a community campaign and after 12 months of rallies, petitions and emails the community service was finally reinstated in the Council budget.

But the cut did harm to residents’ hip pockets with claims of ‘revenue raising’.

After kerbside collection was cut by the LNP Lord Mayor, illegal dumping fines surged by 300%.

In the 12 months before it was cut just 80 fines for illegal dumping were issued, in the 12 months after 247 fines were issued.

The revenue raised from illegal dumping fines skyrocketed from $180,000 to $580,000.

Leader of the Labor opposition in Brisbane City Council, Jared Cassidy says this is “disgraceful behaviour” from the LNP Lord Mayor and “a clear act of revenue raising”.

“90% of all illegal dumping reports were made for items on the kerbside, indicating residents may not have known kerbside collection was cut, but the LNP decided to fine them anyway instead of giving them a warning,” Cr Cassidy said.

“Adrian Schrinner’s priority is himself, not the people of Brisbane,”

“If he actually cared about residents he wouldn’t have cut kerbside collection in the first place.”

To find out when kerbside collection is scheduled for your suburb CLICK HERE.

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