Today is World Doughnut Day. What better way to celebrate it than indulging in Brisbane’s best?

Time to throw out the scales and maybe withdraw some cash so your transaction record can’t shame you either.

To minimise reading time and maximise doughnut-eating time, I’m going to cut right to our textured, doughy, full-of-flavour recommendations:

Doughluxe Doughnuts:

Currently the bee’s knees of the Brisbane Doughnut scene, head there for the day. Or, as a starting point. If your weekend’s already packed, they’re at the City Markets every Wednesday for the hump day lunch break.

 OMG Decadent Donuts:

With gluten-free and vegan options delivered straight to your door. What are you waiting for?

Agnes Street Bakery:

This establishment cooks their goods in a woodfired oven for a smokier feel, so they’re definitely not your standard treat. Let us know your thoughts!

Doughnuts at Agnes Street Bakery

Joedy’s Café:

Located in New Farm, these guys branch out a little more with waffles and pastries also on the menu. Maybe have all 3 at once? Your heart might skip a beat but…worth it!

Go fourth and indulge, and be sure to let us know how our findings rank!

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