Since its inception in 2018, the Queensland Government’s Containers for Change program has stopped 5 billion bottles, cans and poppers from ending up in landfill and waterways.

That’s put $500million back in the pockets of Queenslanders and local community groups, reduced recyclables ending up in landfill and generated more than 800 jobs.

The Queensland Government initiated the refund scheme as part of its $1.1 billion Recycling and Jobs Fund – and make Queensland become a zero-waste state.

The Containers for Change scheme provides a 10-cent refund to customers returning eligible beverage containers to more than 360 refund points across the Queensland-wide network.

Virginie Marley, interim CEO of Container Exchange the non-for-profit that runs the container refund scheme, says there are more ways than ever for people to cash in or donate their containers.

“In 2022 alone we have added dozens of new container refund points to the network across Queensland, from one of the most remote towns in Australia in Birdsville to some of the country’s business shopping centres, the network has more than 360 container refund points and counting,” she said.

“There are more ways than ever before to use the scheme, including a trial of a free home collection service, drive-through depots, bag drops, and reverse vending machines, recyclers can choose what suits their lifestyle.”

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