Residents are being blocked from their homes by ‘illegal and unsafe parking’ – according to a petition to ease congestion in the southern Brisbane suburb of Upper Mount Gravatt.

Parking along Tryon Street, Upper Mount Gravatt. (Source: Google Maps)

Locals who live on Tryon Street say illegal parking is occurring – and local buses, delivery drivers, garbage trucks and residents are having difficulty accessing properties safely.

State Member for Mansfield Corrine McMillan in Upper Mount Gravatt. (Source: Facebook)

State Member for Mansfield Corrine McMillan says she created the petition after listening to locals’ concerns.

“Locals here are facing a serious congestion problem. Increased density in Tryon Street and Mascar Street means residents, rubbish collectors, buses and couriers are having trouble accessing properties along these narrow streets. Illegal and unsafe parking in these streets has also made the problem worse.”



Concerned residents are encouraging others to sign the petition.

“Signed … and I hope there are hundreds …” Upper Mount Gravatt resident.

Others are reporting that the congestion is a wide-spread issue.

“Player Street is also pretty foul to get through (even before the building development started). From the roundabout down to Cremin Street is always tricky to navigate. Worse on Friday when bins are due to be emptied.” Upper Mount Gravatt resident.

Parking along Player Street, Upper Mount Gravatt. (Source: Google Maps)

The petition demands adequate off-street parking along Tryon Street to make the community safer, and the extension of no-parking zones along Tryon Street from 9am to 5pm, to 24 hours per day.

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