Residents in Brisbane’s south are battling with the LNP-run Brisbane City Council over the proposed permanent closure of a busy local road.

Council is building the Brisbane Metro Depot in Rochedale and part of their plan is to “permanently close a section of School Road, between Priestdale Road and the intersection with the South East Busway.”

Locals are furious with the decision labelling School Road “a crucial part of the road network for Rochedale and Rochedale South”.

They’ve started a petition that has reached more than 1,800 signatures.

School Road serves “as a major north-south link for through traffic, and providing access to the Rochedale State High School and the Brisbane Gateway Resort caravan park – its closure will have catastrophic impacts and cannot be justified,” the petition reads.

There are plans to create an alternate route for residents by extending nearby Gardener Road but residents say that option is not sufficient.

Proposed road changes for Brisbane Metro Depot (Brisbane City Council)

“Proposals to extend Gardner Road between Miles Platting Road and Underwood Road as an alternative route, will not be implemented until at least 2024 (more likely much later) and will not be adequate in any event to overcome the impacts of the closure,” the petition reads.

Residents also claim the LNP-run Brisbane City Council has not properly consulted them on the road closure.

“The Rochedale community and key stakeholders have not been properly consulted,” it reads on the Save School Road website.

“There are many questions left unanswered by the Council.

“No explanation or justification has been provided as to exactly why the closure of School Road is needed for the construction of the Metro depot and no supporting information, such as traffic impact studies, have been offered.”

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