We’ve got a special young adult we’d like to give a shout out to.

Kyle Ryan is a proud Bundjalung man who grew up in Inala.

He took out the 2021 Queensland Young Achiever of the Year award.

He is currently studying Medicine at The University of Queensland with plans to complete his doctorate in 2024.

Put simply, he is well aware of the gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. This is something he is determined to close.

“The gap between the life expectancy of Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians is massive. Indigenous Australians are dying younger…not because my people do not understand health…because the health system we have does not understand them.”

“I have a heart for my people that I think is unmatched by many, I see myself when I look into these children’s eyes and the possible future they could have if only someone cared for them as much as people should.”

Kyle Ryan accepting the 2021 Queensland Young Achiever of the Year Award

Kyle is on the Inala Wangarra Board, working to support local Indigenous people and events to promote cultural practices and provide support for juvenile offenders.

He is also an ambassador at the Queensland Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Foundation, in addition to holding a seat on the Queensland Australian Indigenous Health Council’s Indigenous Youth Health Committee.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to hard work to bring about change to his community, he’s not under any illusions.

Kyle received an OP1 from Glenala State High School, putting him in good stead to go on to study Medicine.

Kyle Ryan on Graduation Day after completing his Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Though he still has some way to go in his studies, he’s already inspiring his indigenous peers and proving that not having a head start in life doesn’t mean you can’t make real change.

“My biggest achievement is seeing my student’s eyes light up as I talk about how a troubled Indigenous teen with a broken family from Inala was able to achieve an OP1, graduate as Queensland Highest Achieving ATSI Student, get accepted into medicine, complete his Bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and become Queensland’s Young Achiever of the year”

Safe to say someone with such courage who has broken through such disadvantage deserves all the success they are working to achieve.

We wish Kyle all the best in the bright future he’s paving for himself and his community.

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