This time of year Jesse Mcdonald is usually set up at the Ekka selling Dagwood dogs, but Covid-19 has canceled the annual show. 

With nowhere to go and no other way to pay the bills, the vendor has parked his food truck on his property at Doolandella and is selling Dagwood Dogs on Blunder Road. 

“I’ve actually given work to another family who is out of work in the same industry. I’ve employed one of their employees and that’s keeping them going as well.” Mr McDonald told the ABC. 

But the Roadside setup has been met with backlash from the Brisbane City Council which is threatening to fine Mr McDonald if he doesn’t shut up shop. 

BCC told the Dagwood Dog Vendor setting up next to a road is a safety issue and he can’t operate on residential land.

Council also offered for him to move to a nearby park but Mr Macdonald said that location isn’t viable and instead he wanted to move his stall further back onto his property and away from the road. 

“We thought that ticked all the boxes that they asked of us” Mr Macdonald said. 

Dagwood Dog Facebook Poll
Dagwood Dog Facebook Poll

In an online survey posted on the Labor for Brisbane Facebook page, the vendor received a massive showing of support from the community.

In Just 24 hours more than 2,000 people voted for the Lord Mayor to let Mr McDonald keep operating, just 7 people voted against the idea. 

“Let them stay or find a way for them to keep selling their delicious hot dogs,” Atilua Tupi commented. 

“They’re just a small business trying to pay their bills. Let him operate. They are bringing joy to so many in such unusual and difficult times,” Vicki Pratt wrote. 

“My belly fully supports the Dagwood Dog Guy,” Sonia Cvetkovic stated. 

With the community behind him Mr McDonald vows to keep operating and the council is yet to issue him an infringement notice. 

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