Brisbane’s LNP Lord Mayor has released concerning figures in regard to the current housing crisis.

The Labor Opposition says the numbers paint a bleak picture of years of inaction from the LNP in Council.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner revealed that on his watch, just 724 new apartments were built last year, down from around 4000 previously.

Leader of the Labor Opposition Jared Cassidy said that the Schrinner LNP Council’s lack of action has led to severe consequences for the people of Brisbane.

“It took them five years to come up with a housing strategy, that’s not worth the paper it’s written on.”

“In that time, the Lord Mayor gave $8 million in discounts to 5-star hotel developers, but barely a few hundred thousand dollars to community housing providers.”

“Not six months ago, Adrian Schrinner proudly claimed that he and his team were already doing enough when it came to housing” he said.

Councillor Cassidy said that Labor’s plan for housing will be multi-faceted and will include direct action and investments, and that full policies will be released in the coming months.

“While the LNP are hell-bent on handing out developer discounts to billionaire businesses to build luxury hotels, Labor will strive to ensure there is certainty of affordable housing for all Brisbane residents.

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