Figures in Brisbane City Council documents reveal a drop in allocated funding for drainage infrastructure in recent years.

In the 2020/21 financial year the funding for new drainage and drainage rehabilitation was cut by $1.33 million.

Resident complaints about flooding also surged by 62%.

In 2020, 1379 complaints were made to Council about flooding, up from 852 in the previous year.

Council Opposition Leader Jared Cassidy said this correlation is very concerning.

“After 2011, you think this LNP administration would have learnt that flood proofing our city was a necessity, not an option,” Cr Cassidy.

“To see a drop in funding for basic drainage infrastructure really paints a picture of this LNP Mayor’s priorities.

“He increases funding for his self promotional ‘Living in Brisbane’ newsletters, but cuts money for core Council services and infrastructure.

“Residents are paying more and more in rates and getting less and less in services under the LNP.

“It’s time they listened to residents, who are clearly crying out for better services and utilities in their suburbs, especially after the recent floods.”

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