Brisbane’s LNP Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, released a strategy for the growth of the city, which critics say doesn’t go far enough to ease Brisbane’s housing crisis.

The “Sustainable Growth Strategy” announced by Schrinner on Thursday includes allowing buildings in South Brisbane to reach as high as those in the city’s CBD.

Mark Limb, an urban planner from QUT, raised concerns over the affordability of these potential apartments.

“You could have 270 meters of really expensive luxury dwellings, which young people could never afford,” he said.

“Hopefully, they would be socially sustainable in that respect as well by trying to make sure there is some provision for affordable housing so that a diversity of people and workers can actually live in this in this area.”

Inner-city living in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s Labor Opposition Leader in Council, Councillor Jared Cassidy, welcomed the announcement as a good first step, but said there is still much more to be done.

“We renew our calls for Adrian Schrinner and the LNP to develop and implement a Brisbane Housing Strategy, which was promised in 2019. Today’s announcement of a growth strategy does not replace the need for a comprehensive housing strategy,” he said.

“We need a comprehensive strategy that meets the needs of Brisbane residents whether they live in South Brisbane or out in the suburbs like Bald Hills or Pallara.”

Councillor Jared Cassidy.

Cassidy says there are many other ways that Council can take action on housing issues.

“Our Labor team has been consistently calling for a broad approach to the housing crisis, we need to act now,” he said.

“Vacancy levies, investing directly with housing providers, offering incentives and in some cases requiring the provision of social housing as part of key developments should all be considered. Nothing should be off the table.”


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