With COVID surging through Brisbane, avoiding catching the virus is becoming increasingly hard.

To restore confidence in the community, a few smart operators in the fitness industry have thought ‘inside the box’.

Newstead gym POD1UM offers group training with individual glass “POD Suites”.

Each POD has all the equipment you need for each class, meaning no sharing with other gym members.

There are also clear barriers in between each POD, to minimise the transmission of air-borne illnesses.

POD1UM Newstead – POD Suites

“POD training gives you the fulfilment and excitement of group training in the safety and freedom of your own POD suite.”

Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

Members appear to be loving the set up.

“Really lovely staff, clean, streamlined facilities and a great vibe.”

“Excellent venue, excellent coaches, excellent experience, excellent value.” 

This gym is really taking group training to the COVID level.

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