On October 15, thousands of school students and young voters are set to take to the streets of Brisbane for the annual Climate Strike.

The action is one of 28 across the country, with many occurring online this year due to the current COVID outbreaks.

Protesters want three commitments from the Government:

  1. No new coal, oil or gas projects
  2. 100% renewable energy generations and exports by 2030
  3. Fund a just transition and job creation for all fossil-fuel workers and their communities

“We are school students of all ages, races, genders, backgrounds and sexualities from every part of Australia.”

“United by our concern for the future of the planet that we live in, we have bridged the thousands of kilometres that separates us to create the one of the biggest movements in Australian history.”

“We are striking from school to demand that our politicians take our future seriously & treat climate change as what it is: a crisis.​”

For more information head to the CLIMATE STRIKE BRISBANE EVENT PAGE.

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