If you grew up in Brisbane, chances are you heard or saw Graham Pampling and maybe one of his Labradors by his side in the Queen Street mall.

The saxophonist serenaded the CBD for 3 decades, from 1988 to 2018.

Graham was born with a rare genetic condition, retinitis pigmentosa, which ultimately left him blind.

That didn’t stop him from entertaining generations of residents and visitors – he was truly a people person.

He spread his positivity and passion far further than the Queen Street Mall however, he also gave back to the community by teaching vision-impaired children how to touch-type.

A couple of years ago Graham sadly passed away and now calls have been renewed for his legacy to be honoured.

A petition has been launched calling on Council to build and erect a statue of Graham in the mall.

Head petitioner Xavier Hutchinson said Graham was an example of how adversity could always be overcome, that passions could always be pursued and that it was still possible to rely on the kindness of strangers.

“We’re writing this letter and asking for signatures to demonstrate the desire of Brisbane to keep Graham Pampling’s memory alive,” Mr Hutchinson said.

“We would love to see a statue of him in the Queen Street Mall, busking with his Labradors for every resident and visitor of Brisbane for all time to come,”

“His story is a powerful and positive reminder that no matter what happens to you in life, there is always room for joy and happiness, all you have to do is share your passion with the world to find it.”

To sign the petition – CLICK HERE.

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