It’s a dance competition like no other.

You can bribe the judges and sabotage other teams.

Some competitors are just 4-years-old, others are 84, some have disabilities or injuries, others are former professional dancers.

Despite their differences, each and every year they come together to celebrate their shared love for dancing in Brisbane’s Common People Dance Eisteddfod.

Founder Neridah Waters says it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone is welcome to participate in the competition which forms part of the Brisbane Festival.

“We have frontline health workers, lawyers, cleaners, KFC workers, engineers, government workers, teachers, principals, stay-at-home dads and mums, council workers, gardeners, firefighters, scientists, university lecturers and even an undertaker and his daughter,” Neridah Waters said.

This year there were around 130 participants competing in four teams – Northside, Southside, Eastside and Westside – all fighting to get their hands on the ‘Craptastic Trophy’.

The ‘Craptastic Trophy’

“It’s made from reverse garbage by hot glue gunning a whole lot of old trophies together and spray painting it gold,” Ms Waters said.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the show went on in a COVID-safe manner at the South Bank Piazza.

Team Westside and Team Eastside performing in the Common People Dance Eisteddfod 2020

The new rules didn’t hinder any performances though, with professional lighting, professional costumes, professional choreography and hundreds of smiles on faces.

After a nail-biting battle, Team Northside walked away with bragging rights and the ‘Craptastic Trophy’ this year.

Team Northside – Winners of the Common People Dance Eisteddfod 2020

“It was a pretty big win for Northside as they were the smallest team in size of about 23 people,” Ms Waters said.

Ms Waters was inspired to create the Common People Dance Project after being rejected for a school rock eisteddfod herself 26 years ago.

“To this day I carry the bitterness in my polyester puffed sleeves, so last year I decided to make my own team and then my own competition, full of people of all ages and all abilities.”

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