City Cats have become part of everyday life for many Brisbane residents.

And 25 years ago the icons were first introduced to the brown snake by then Labor Mayor Jim Soorley.

Former Labor Lord Mayor Jim Soorley in front of a City Cat

“Brisbane was a river city with its back to the river, but Jim changed that,” – Cr Jared Cassidy.

“He gave the river life and purpose. He opened the city’s icon up to everyone, not just those who could afford a boat or expensive river views.”

“Now tourists come to Brisbane just to ride City Cat – his vision has become iconic.”

Since 1996, we’ve seen the City Cats evolve, get faster, quieter, more efficient but their purpose still remains the same – to bring the people and visitors of Brisbane and the river together.

Seeing Brisbane from the river is a must and thanks to Mayor Jim Soorley it’s a vantage point anyone can take advantage of.

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