Death Row Unchained is an organisation operating out of Burbank that’s home to more than 170 rescue animals and nearly 160 volunteers.

It’s a farm that not only saves animals from pounds and but also provides animal therapy to vulnerable members of our community – from defence force personnel to troubled youths, people with disabilities and survivors of domestic and family violence.

But the organisation is reportedly at risk of being forced to shutdown after Brisbane City Council asked the owner pay more than $45,000 to change its approved use.

The owner of Death Row Unchained, Kate Bijkerk, said she was warned in March that she had a matter of weeks to pay up or Council would withdraw her development application.

Council then emailed her to say they would be proceeding with an enforcement notice requiring her to stop using her Burbank property as a rescue farm.

The application has been sitting idle since 2019.

Resident pig at Deathrow Unchained

“As a rescue that relies heavily on community donations, we were unable to pay ($45,000) in that very short period of time,” Ms Bijkerk said.

“We are 100% volunteer based, with every dollar made by Death Row Unchained Sanctuary going back into the community and the programs we run.”

“We’ve saved over 3800 animals, many being from the council’s pounds so we’ve taken away expenses they would have had.”

The owner of Death Row Unchained has started a Go Fund Me Page to help her raise the money to pay the fee if she is forced to do so.

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