It’s been a two-year battle for Camp Hill residents but finally Council has taken notice, looking to amend part of the suburb’s city plan to protect its unique character.

On Monday Council opened the city plan amendment to community consultation.

Residents in the area have been fighting to rezone Camp Hill from “low-medium density” to “character residential.”

This would protect tin and timber Queenslanders and other existing older homes from being knocked down to make way for townhouses and other multi-dwelling buildings.

The only new buildings that would be allowed would be one or two-story homes.

The calls from locals were sparked after a large townhouse development application was submitted in 2018 proposing to knock down two older homes.

Protests and petitions followed and two years on, Council has agreed to make a change.

If the rezoning goes ahead it could mean all current approvals for townhouses and apartments in the area would be revoked.

Local resident Tonti Connolly has taken the move from Council as a big win.

“For the first time I think in Brisbane, it’s given strength to the community to say no listen to us, this is what we want,” Mr Connolly said.

Council’s deputy opposition leader and Labor Councillor for the Morningside ward Kara Cook has been fighting alongside locals.

She says this decision to amend the city plan proves to other residents across Brisbane that your voices will and can be heard.

“Locals are sick of being ignored, seeing their area stripped of its character and turned into a developer’s paradise,” Cr Cook said.

“This decision has set a precedent and could potentially protect the character and charm of other suburbs across Brisbane so they too can be appreciated for generations to come.”

To have your say on Camp Hill’s city plan amendment click here.

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