In the words of Dylan Alcott: That was the most enjoyable Olympics I have ever watched.”

“Credit to everyone involved, especially the athletes and Japan for making it happen.”

“But now, the WARM-UP IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Time for the big show…”

Time for the Paralympics.

Beginning on the 24th of August and running through to the 4th of September.

Of the 134 Aussie athletes, 43 are from our Sunshine state.

As with the Olympics, para-taekwondo and para-badminton will be introduced to these games.

A breakdown of the QLD athletes and their events is below:


AJ Jennings

Curtis McGrath

Susan Seipel


Thomas Gallagher

Kirralee Hayes

Grant Patterson

Brenden Hall

Paige Leonhardt

Jake Michel

Ruby Storm

Blake Cochrane

Benjamin Hance

Rowan Crothers

Keira Stephens

Madeleine McTernan

Rachael Watson

Katja Dedekind

Braedan Jason

Liam Schluter

William Martin

Lakeisha Patterson

Wheelchair Basketball

Shelley Cronau

Ella Sabliak

Matt McShane

Hannah Dodd

Mick Ozanne


Isis Holt

Briarna Silk

Corey Anderson

Samantha Schmidt

Daniel Bounty

Women’s Goalball  

Meica Horsburgh

Raissa Martin


Emily Petricola (track)

David Nicholas (road & track)


Nic Beveridge


Taymon Kenton-Smith


Janine Watson

Table Tennis 

Joel Coughlan


Natalie Smith

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