Community concerns on the controversial Nudgee Recreation Reserve project culminated in a gathering of locals on Sunday to have their voices heard.

Residents met outside the fenced-off reserve to discuss their frustrations with Brisbane City Council’s decision to drop plans to install a BMX track, dog off-leash area, fitness path and playground.

Local kids have been locked out of the BMX track and bike path.

Labor Opposition Leader in Council, Jared Cassidy, spoke to residents about how the LNP-led Council landed on this decision.

“We’ve seen due to incompetence, mismanagement, and the prioritising of inner-city projects, this project in the suburbs being gutted.” he said.

“The residents who have assembled here today have sent a strong message to the Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and his LNP Council that they have had enough.”

Cr Jared Cassidy stands with local resident and head petitioner Vicki Ryan.

“The Local LNP Councillor Adam Allan was Finance Chair when the Nudgee Recreation Reserve upgrade went out to tender and now he’s the City Planning Chair when the project is being gutted.”

“He’s failed his local community on every front.”

Local resident Vicki Ryan learned how to ride her bike at this park when she was a kid, but today, her kids have been locked out of the reserve, and the BMX track has been removed.

Vicki started a petition which has amassed nearly 700 signatures.

“The main aspects, that we were most excited for, were the first to be cut from the initial project. It just didn’t sit well with the community.” she said.

“There’s been very poor consultation and communication from Council.”

“We just want to make sure the project is done to its completion.”

Local resident Vicki Ryan has started a petition calling for the project to be completed in full.

Councillor Cassidy also urged the Council administration to follow through with the project.

“My Labor team is calling on Lord Mayor Schrinner to deliver on his promise to the people here and get on with building the BMX Track, Dog Off-Leash Area, Fitness Path and Playground.” he said.

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