Over the past 12 months, the Sandgate, Manly and Nudgee Beach foreshores have been trialed as dog off-leash areas.

Nudgee Beach has already been a dog off-leash area for more than a decade, the other two foreshores have previously been dog on-leash.

Council wanted to assess the environmental impacts free-to-roam pooches had on the three areas and now the results are in.

The foreshore at Nudgee Beach will no longer be a dog off-leash area and will return to dog on-leash from November 30.

Manly and Sandgate foreshores, however, passed the trial and will remain off-leash.

Brisbane City Council says the decision was based on community consultation and ecological studies.

Studies showed that levels of disturbance to shorebirds at Nudgee Beach were much higher compared with the other two areas.

Council also said all of Brisbane’s foreshore is an important habitat for shorebirds and is part of the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

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