Ever thought of swapping the golf clubs and balls for a frisbee?

Did you even know Brisbane has Disc Golf courses?

Council offers two free courses, one at Ferney Street Park in Rocklea and the other at Cadogan Street Park in Carindale – all you need to bring yourself is a frisbee.

The rules of disc golf are almost identical to normal golf, you set up on the tee and throw your first disc, pick it up from where it landed and keep throwing it until you hit and land it in the metal basket (the hole).

The number of throws it takes you to land it in the basket is your score, the person with the lowest score after all baskets wins.


Map of 12-basket course at Ferney Street Park in Rocklea. Source: Brisbane City Council


The course at Ferney Street Park is made up of 12-baskets, perfect for the family and younger players starting out.



Map of 18 basket-course at Cadogan Street Park in Carindale. Source: Brisbane City Council



The Cadogan Street Park court is 18-baskets, a little longer for the keener disc throwers.



There is a code of player conduct that includes showing respect to other park users, never throwing into a blind area or if pedestrians are in range, using a spotter to make sure discs don’t hit others and most importantly have fun.

Disc Golf is a great outdoor activity for all ages to enjoy and get fit at the same time.

For more information on Council’s Disc Golf courses click here.

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