Brisbane is known for its CityCats, but what about its “CityDogs”?

A Brisbane resident has launched a petition calling for two flood damaged CityCats that are being repaired, to be rewrapped and renamed Bluey and Bingo from the popular Brisbane based children’s cartoon ‘Bluey‘.

“Imagine the instant tourist attraction to every pre-schooler in the city (and their parents, siblings and carers), imagine their sheer delight climbing aboard a “CityDog” or standing on one of our amazing pedestrian bridges pointing out Bluey and Bingo as they worked up and down river,” the resident stated on the petition.

“Thanks to Bluey, and its fan based podcast “Bluey’s Brisbane”, families have been living like tourists in our own backyard.

“One only has to look at the international toy and book sales to see what a global impact Bluey has.

Bluey is quintessentially Brisbane.”

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