It’s time to rejoice if you’re a craft beer lover living in Brisbane, because this city is home to some seriously good beer makers.

Over the last few years boutique breweries have been popping up right across the river city.

No matter what side of Brisbane you dwell on, there are specialists offering diverse flavours and colours of Queensland’s favourite cold beverage.

Starting at Banyo, All Inn Brewing showcases the north’s credentials in craft brewing.

All Inn Brewing, Banyo

From fruity delectables to sours, enjoy a pint next to your new hipster friend who may or may not be related to Jon Snow.

Not far away in Northgate lies Aether Brewing Co.

Their latest offerings include an experimental hemp-infused concoction (with few attempting this before) and a Peanut Butter Stout.

Yes, that’s right a beer brewed with peanut butter – yum, yum, delish.

Heavy or hoppy, there are plenty of options to treat your palate at this fine establishment.

As we move closer to the city, the Newstead Brewing Co. is the first point of call for many beer drinkers.

This tried and tested brewery has been on the up and up since 2013 and is now a heavy hitter specialist producer of canned brews.

They even make coffee in the morning, if that’s more your thing.

Also nearby, on a slightly smaller scale, is Range Brewing.

Range Brewing, Newstead

Here, flavours are “hoppy, dark and sour”.

They also do sourdough pizzas to accompany their liquid treats.

If you’re in The Valley however, you can’t go passed the ever-popular Stone & Wood brewery.

Fruity flavours galore, it’s the perfect place for afternoon beers with lots of space for you and your merry band of misfits.

The next logical suburb with fruity goods on offer is West End, featuring Archive and Brisbane Brewing Co.

Since being renovated, Archive is super trendy.

While you enjoy the delicious beers on offer you can also play pool and arcade games.

Live music is also a regular at this venue, making for perfect weekend afternoon vibes.

Brisbane Brewing Co. is known for both its quality beer and food.

The crowd favourite is a real asset to West End and raises the bar in Brisbane’s brewery competition.

Lastly, and a venue I’m personally keen try out – Soapbox Beer (apparently The Valley’s first ever “brewpub”).

Soapbox Beer, Fortitude Valley

They offer seven brews at any one time; five are staples and two are subject to seasonal change.

If you’re on Brisbane’s Bayside, Hudson Brewery in Wynnum is a must-drink.

It’s a local favourite, with an array of delicious brews handed crafted in front of your eyes.

Hudson Brewing, Wynnum

And of course, where there’s booze there ought to be food.

You’ll be happy to know each of the breweries mentioned have either over-the-counter menus or are frequented by food trucks to satisfy your inevitable tipsy cravings.

Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast, or just looking to try something different, this selection of Brisbane breweries is a great shortlist to get you started.

But there are so many more out there waiting to be discovered, so go get sipping!

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